A Couple of Cheap and Sustaining Casserole Dishes Using Macaroni

Here are a couple of cheap and easy macaroni recipes from the 1960s “Normanhurst boys’ High School Ladies’ Auxiliary book of Popular Recipes (originally 3/-).

They contain relatively few ingredients but are delicious on a cold winter night and can be served by themselves or with any veggies of your choice.

Macaroni and Bacon Casserole

8 oz. macaroni                                              1 cup condensed tomato soup

4 oz. chopped bacon                                  1 cup milk

1 large chopped onion                               1/2 cup soft white breadcrumbs

4 oz. grated cheese                                      1 dessertspoon melted butter

Cook macaroni in large quantity of salted boiling water until soft.  Drain.  Lightly fry bacon and onion together.  Arrange macaroni, cheese, onion and bacon in layers in greased casserole dish.  Combine milk with tomato soup and pour over ingredients in casserole.  Top with breadcrumbs mixed with melted butter.  Bake in moderate oven for 40 minutes (325degrees gas).

Tuna Macaroni Casserole

1 large Greenseas Tuna tin                                                2 ozs butter

1/2 cup macaroni                                                                 cooked peas

2 cups milk                                                                               pepper and salt

3/4 cup chopped celery                                                     1 finely chopped onion

1/2 cup chopped green pepper                                       1 dessertspoon lemon juice

2 tablespoons flour                                                                4 ozs. grated cheese

Cook macaroni in fast boiling water, strain, rinse and place in greased casserole dish.  Cover with tuna and mix lightly.  Cover with green peas.  Melt butter and fry celery and pepper and onion only till clear.  Add flour and cook a little slowly, stir in milk, bring to boil.  Add seasonings and half cheese.  Stir until smooth.  Pour over macaroni and sprinkle with fine dry breadcrumbs and remaining cheese.  Cook in moderate oven about 20 minutes.

Both these dishes are family favourites and are cheap and easy to prepare.  They are popular with children and any leftovers can easily be reheated.

Happy cooking!


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