The Benefits of Changing Habits

For a few months I have been going to exercise classes twice a week run by my son which are held outdoors in a lovely park in Turramurra, a few suburbs away.  I have been catching a couple of trains, using my AU$2.50 Seniors Card, and stopping at a little bakery and coffee shop to have my breakfast before walking a short way to the park.

At first I just bought a cup of takeaway coffee, but I had graduated to sitting there, reading the paper and eating two slices of buttered raisin toast with my coffee.  It had become a habit I looked forward to, but extra expenses recently made me think about how much money I was spending.  The total cost of one cup of coffee with raisin toast is AU$6.00, so I was spending AU$12.00 a week, or up to AU$624.00 per year!  I thought what I could do with that money: go on holiday, have multiple haircuts, buy many Xmas or birthday presents, or just spend it on food or utilities.

I decided to get up earlier, make my own breakfast and organic coffee, and take a magazine or book down to the park to read instead.  So far I have met several lovely dog walkers there and had some nice conversations as well as enjoying sitting under the beautiful autumn trees and just reflecting on life in general.  I find that I don’t really miss the coffee and raisin toast and I’m going to put the money I would have spent away for a future holiday.  My breakfast is usually healthier e.g. porridge or muesli, and I have more energy when I exercise as my stomach is emptier.

English: How to apply traditional coffee in Syria
 How to apply traditional coffee in Syria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3 thoughts on “The Benefits of Changing Habits”

    1. Thanks. I agree. Being outside (without a hand-held electronic device) makes me feel more relaxed and at one with nature. I think too many people have now become slaves to their gadgets and don’t even notice their surroundings any more.

      1. They drive and text calls alone were bad enough 😦
        They walk and text or just plain STOP and look like idiots 😦
        I thought it would be mostly children but sadly it is people old enough to know better. 🙂
        I have phone in truck or car for an emergency (when I need a wrecker)

        Now shooting scenes from edge of the road I am guilty of lol but with my easy share camera lol

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