People on the Street – Neil Young

English: Tenniel illustration of Tweedledum (c...
 Tenniel illustration of Tweedledum (centre) and Tweedledee (right) and Alice (left). Español: Ilustración de Tenniel de Patachunta y Patachún. Ilustración de John Tenniel para el capítulo 4º de Alicia a través del espejo (Lewis Carroll), originalmente publicado en 1871. Escaneado de la edición impresa (Modern Library). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was just hanging out in my front yard with Gilbert the cat watching all the people walk by.  There is the Sad Lady, who drags her feet and always looks like she has lost everything.  She was wearing a bright yellow raincoat although it’s a sunny day.  Then there is the little man who walks his fox terrier.  Every time he sees a big dog approaching he picks up his dog and tucks him under his arm like a parcel.  Another of my favourites is a lady who lives up the street.  She is a personal trainer who rescues dogs and always jogs with two dogs attached by their leads to a belt around her waist.  Now she is down to one small dog as the other one has arthritis and his back legs are too weak to carry him far.

Across the road I saw one of the Twins.  They look like Tweedledum and Tweedledee, but lately I have only seen one.  She knocked at my door one night wheezing heavily and asked for some money to get home.  I gave it to her although I know she only lives up the road.  She said she would give it back on the weekend, and the next week when she knocked again I expected her to repay me, but she repeated the same mantra.  I firmly told her there would be no money, but I still wave at her when I see her.  She loves Gilbert and obviously was just following the example of other more savvy scroungers.

Another favourite is the old Chinese man who sings in Chinese in a droning sing song voice and pulls leaves off the end of trees as he shuffles along with his cane.  It used to annoy me when I saw him doing this, but now I accept that it is part of his morning ritual, and the trees seem to be doing fine in spite of his efforts.

Many of my neighbours walk their dogs, or just themselves up my street, and we often wave at each other or have a brief chat.  I love the vibe, and this morning the words of Neil Young‘s song “People on the Street” from his album Landing on Water came into my head.  I love this album and I love Neil Young.

Hope you enjoy this and it makes you feel as good as I do when I hear it.



One of the people on my street with his dogs


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