Tenacious Little Flower (geranium?)

I had to take some photos of this brave little plant forcing its way up against the fence in the front yard.  I admire its struggle for survival and its beauty.  It reminds me that although life can be difficult and there are often seemingly insurmountable obstacles to overcome, if we push through we will not only survive but ultimately blossom, and that beauty can be found in the most unlikely places.

Brave little flower.


Another view.
Overhead view of perfect flower circle.

3 thoughts on “Tenacious Little Flower (geranium?)”

  1. I love it!

    I can relate as most gardeners probably can. Each year I have Petunias that grow up between the bricks in my patio I usually use boiling water to remove weeds then I come up a beauty and smile it is a gift for I did not plant it So strong too to have to live in the sand beneath the bricks!


    1. Yes, its amazing how resilient some plants are. Its a bit like animals. Often the runt of the litter is the one who is the strongest when they grow up.

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