Peacocks and Pea Hen outside Christmas in July luncheon

Last Thursday two busloads of Probus members went down to Jambaroo, a beautiful area just south of Wollongong, to celebrate Christmas in July.  The weather was unseasonably cold, which was great, as the venue had a huge open fire.

It was a beautiful setting in a forest of tall old pine trees, and outside the dining area there were peacocks just wandering around and looking like they would like to be enjoying the fun as well.

Unfortunately I had forgotten my camera, but my partner Rod took these photos of the peacocks with his mobile phone.

I think peacock feathers are beautiful, but was told years ago that they are bad luck.   I am not very superstitious, but that has always stayed with me.  They do make beautiful earrings though, and as long as the birds are not killed for their feathers, but they are just harvested if they fall out naturally I can see nothing wrong with using them.    I deplore all animal suffering just for the sake of fashion.

Beautiful tail

Good view of expanse of tail
Head up and gorgeous peacock blue of head, neck and breast
Pea hen. No beautiful tail, unlike the peacocks. I guess they don’t have to try so hard to be noticed.
Peacock in front in motion, pea hen in background.

Pea hen looking longingly in at all the revellers. Luckily no relatives were on the menu!

Peacock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)