More Pictures of Gilbert the Cat

 Today I thought I would just add some more pictures of our cat Gilbert.  He is largely Maine Coon and mainly an indoors cat, but enjoys supervised visits in our front yard. We live on a very
busy road, and he had only ever been an indoors cat when we adopted him, so we have expanded his horizons somewhat.  He had never climbed a tree when we first got him, and was very tentative at first, but is now a veteran, and loves climbing up the black wattle and giant black bean tree in our front yard.

He  loves sitting on the table on the front verandah
which has been netted so he can’t escape onto the
busy road outside our front yard.

Snug as a bug in a rug
 Looking inscrutable
I’ll count to three
Sniffing in front yard
Sleeping in front of Gas Heater

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