Animals always make me laugh

I originally wrote this in April this year on another blog and am reblogging it as I am getting rid of my other blog.

Today I woke up and I wasn’t in a good mood.  The traffic was roaring by and hordes of pedestrians were hurrying by my driveway on their way to work or school or whatever.  A dead branch from the jacaranda had fallen recently and was taking up most of the front yard (luckily it had missed the pedestrians).

The weather looked like it might be fine, but it had been creating a false sense of security for months, and my umbrella had been getting more use than it had for the past decade!  Dams had been overflowing all over the place, including Warragamba Dam which supplies Sydney water, and the garden was so saturated that I had even found a leech on my leg recently (ugh)!

To top it all off I had recently had a hip replacement from which I am still recovering, (although my surgeon did a great job and I feel he deserves the round the world holiday he can probably now pay cash for) and then had to have a cracked tooth replaced with an expensive porcelain one.

After breakfast (at least now I can crunch nuts on the left hand side with my new tooth) I watched the news (mostly bad), checked my Facebook halfheartedly, and then the rain came down again.  Feeling smug about being inside for a change, I suddenly remembered my clothes which had been on the line for two days now and were going to be soaked yet again.

Where’s my beer?

And then I looked at my cat Gilbert.  All he needed was the empty bottle of beer and the image of an old drunk was complete.  How can you stay mad at the world when a huge furry feline is trying his best to make you laugh (without realising)?


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