Some Idyllic Views of Norfolk Island

This a selection of some photos I took on Norfolk Island some years ago.  It is a beautiful place with a violent past as a convict settlement.  It is well worth a visit as the scenery is beautiful and unspoiled, the people very friendly and the beaches pristine.  It is a great place to relax and unwind far from civilization and all its annoyances.  The inhabitants are direct descendants of Tahitians and mutineers of HMS Bounty (think Marlon Brando in Mutiny on the Bounty), along with Fletcher Christian played by Brando in the film.  Teenagers can ride to school on little motorbikes without having to get licences as there is so little traffic.  The locals speak their own language, Norf’k, a mixture of Tahitian and 18th Century English, and have their own government.  Cows even have the right of way there!

Local schoolboy on his bike after school


Some magnificent Norfolk Pines the symbol of Norfolk Island

Old settlement buildings with remnants of original convict gaol (jail)on right

Norfolk Island

cows (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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