Party on, Dude

Yesterday I went to a three year old’s birthday party.  I didn’t have much spare cash for a present so I went to the local Salvation Army store and bought two great books by Dr Seuss (Green Eggs and Ham and Hop on Pop) for $AU2.00 each, and a little plastic moveable bulldozer, also $AU2.00.  I remember reading these books to my son when he was little, and they are quite expensive to buy now so I felt I had a good deal and was also helping out a charity and those less fortunate.  The wrapping paper was left over from a bunch of flowers I had been given ages ago and I had a cute card with a kangaroo on it to complete the present.  The birthday boy had so many presents he’s probably still opening them!

It was a gorgeous day, unseasonably hot for August and they had hired a jumping castle for all the kids to play on.  It was a massive success and was in continual use.  Apparently you can hire these castles through various library toy lending programs quite cheaply ($AU100 for 4 days hire compared to $AU250 for a few hours).  It certainly was money well spent!  A couple of lorikeets even joined the party to munch on some birdseed and watch the merriment.

I took my trusty camera with me and took lots of photos.  Hope you enjoy looking at them.

Jumping castle with Cars theme
Close up of entrance with partygoers inside.
Party food table before it had been savaged by partygoers
Reuben’s cake made by his Nanna
Overhead view of cake

Discarded shoes at entrance to Jumping Castle and toy car.
Even some wild lorikeets joined the party!
Watching partygoers between nibbling on birdseed.

5 thoughts on “Party on, Dude”

    1. It was great fun. The sausage rolls, party pies and fairy bread came out later on, and someone brought some delicious tandoori chicken with cucumber dip as well as samosas. I ate too much (and drank a little wine and champagne) but walked home later so I felt a bit virtuous!

      1. Wow that sounds like a perfectly delightful day. I do that too indulge then make it better with doing something 🙂 Weigh-ins are on Tuesday AM for me good thing or I would go crazy on weekends lol.
        Fairy bread I have never heard of is it like our King cake you bake a object and who ever finds it has extra luck 🙂
        Tandoori Chicken sounds awesome 🙂

      2. Fairy bread is simply white bread (not healthy I know but part of Australian children’s party history and culture) spread with butter or margarine and then dipped in hundreds and thousands. That along with chocolate crackles (made by melting copha, and adding cocoa and rice bubbles, mixing and then spooning into cupcake size cakes) have been part of the scene since I can remember. When my kids were little other children used to go to birthday parties and compare standards of chocolate crackles. Nowadays parties are often much more sophisticated, some catered for and parents vie to have the biggest and best so they can be ridiculously expensive and become a status statement.

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