Brave Little Plant – Mark 2

I was walking to the letterbox today when I noticed that the little flower I posted about before had had a resurgence.  Instead of one main flowering stalk there are now several.  It seemed a metaphor to me for life itself.  I was reminded of a time years ago when I was sitting on the upstairs level of a train going into town, when I glanced down at the people on the lower level, sitting or standing and had an epiphany.  I had been attending a course on how to read auras and had sadly discovered that I could not see them at all.  Others at the course waxed lyrical about various colours around people etc, but when it came to my turn I didn’t want to feel like I was part of the Emperor’s New Clothes Conspiracy.  Sadly I told Alex, the person running the course that I could see nothing.  He assured me that was alright, and that not all people could see them, but I still felt cheated.

I had borrowed a pen from him, and was writing something in my notebook on the train when I suddenly felt suspended in time.  Everything around me had a softer more golden hue.  I was overcome by a great sense of compassion for all my fellow travellers and the analogy of us all being travellers throughout life came to me.  I could see that some would get off after a short trip, some people’s journeys would be erratic and varied and some would go to the end of the line.  Not all would reach their expected destinations.  When I exited the train I had to pass through a tunnel to get to my destination and I noticed a huge poster for some Indian guru and the words underneath:  “Love each person at least as much as yourself”.  It seemed that this was what  I had just experienced.

When I next attended the aura course I told Alex of my experience and he said that I had probably picked up some of his vibrations from his pen.  This satisfied me and I felt that I had truly had a deep spiritual experience.  It gave me a sense of the meaning of universal consciousness.

This little plant has not only survived, but has had the strength to put forth even more flowers.  It has not been nurtured, but is giving of its beauty for anyone who cares to notice.   If we could love not only each person as much as we love ourselves but also love nature, even the seemingly small and insignificant parts of it, perhaps the world would be a very different place.

In the words of the great John Lennon:  “All you need is love”.

Small but beautiful


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