The Hidden World – A Fairy Story by Kate Whiteoak, 2012 Chapter 2.

The Party      Chapter 2

“That party idea was a great excuse” said Mary to the fairies. “I was beginning to feel a bit sick and I didn’t want to offend them.”

“There IS a party” said Thistle, “and you’re invited to join us as a special guest.”

Mary was very excited at this news, and and was just opening her mouth to accept when Thimble exclaimed loudly:

“There they all are now.”

Mary felt herself descending again, but this time she felt more in control, and landed feet first gently in the middle of a clearing. Looking around she saw an odd assortment of children , more fairies and a couple of extremely odd-looking little men with big pointed ears, long beards and pointed hats. They were all seated on bright orange toadstools around a a beautiful golden table shaped like an open daisy. It was groaning under the weight of lollies and cakes of all descriptions and delicate crystal goblets filled with a golden liquid.

“Greetings everyone,” said Thimble “This is Mary. She’s just learning to fly.”

There was a loud chorus of “Hello Mary’s”. The four little fairies flew over to her and began to tell her their names:

“I’m Lily, I’m Melody, she’s Cobweb, I’m Mimsy. And that’s Jasper and Chester.” They nodded at the two little men who had their mouths full of food. They lifted their heads and nodded then went back to their eating The children introduced themselves next:

“I’m Sam, that”s Ellie, John’s my name.” Mary sat next to a small girl with red hair who introduced herself as Tess.

“Tuck in”, said the fairies, “there’s plenty for everyone”. And indeed there was. The food was delicious but unlike anything Mary had ever tasted before in her life. The cakes seemed to melt in her mouth, and tasted like every delicious thing she’d ever eaten from strawberries to chocolate, mango to marshmallow. The lollies were gooey and sticky, but when she bit them they tasted like nuts. The nectar was heavenly – clear and golden and deliciously sweet. “It’s honeysuckle” whispered Tess in between bites of cake.

“Haven’t I seen you before?” said Mary.

“I just moved here. My father and I arrived two weeks ago. I’ve seen you at school but I’m in Mr Roberts class and you sit with the girls from Miss Abbott’s. I haven’t made any friends so far apart from Sam and the others, but they’re older and they don’t go to my school.”

“You can sit with me tomorrow if you like” said Mary generously. There was something about Tess she liked. She seemed shy and a bit sad, but Mary felt sure that they would have lots of things to talk about in future. She couldn’t wait to find out how long Tess had known the fairies, and how she had first met them and how long she had been flying.

After what seemed like ages, the table was finally empty. Sam, Ellie and John said goodbye to everyone and headed off for their homes. They said they had lots of homework to do and didn’t want to get into trouble. Mary and Tess said goodbye to the fairies and the two little gnomes who were fighting over the last cream cake, and set off down the path that led out of the wood. They had never had such a feast, but still felt somehow that they would have room for tea. They were so busy talking, that it seemed like only moments before they were back in town again. They promised to meet at school next day and spend the lunch hour together, waved goodbye and headed for home.

Mary slept better that night than she had for ages. She dreamt all night of flying, talking crows and fairies.

English: "Fairies Looking Through A Gothi...
“Fairies Looking Through A Gothic Arch” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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