Gilbert the Cat Lying on Rod’s Legs

Stretched out on Rod’s legs

The Mighty Gilbert
Eyes wide shut

Collapsing Gilbert

Unfortunately some of these photos look like someone has taken a bite out of the bottom lefthand corner.  I took them at night and I think there is a problem with the light.  You can see how much space Gilbert takes up on Rod’s legs.  He stretches all the way down to his ankles.  Very warm, but very heavy!  This is his favourite spot at night.


4 thoughts on “Gilbert the Cat Lying on Rod’s Legs”

    1. Yes indeed. Well spotted! Rod has never been known as a paragon of fashion, and as it has been unseasonably (in local speak “bloody cold”) he has dug out his trusty uggs. They serve an added purpose in preventing Gilbert from digging his claws into his ankles when he stretches out.

    1. Yes, he’s a bit of a lounge lizard. I think because he’s largely an indoors cat (except for supervised visits to the front yard) he loves to be near us, especially in the winter.

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