The Hidden World – a Fairy Story by Kate Whiteoak, 2012 Chapter 4.

A Clever Plot   –     Chapter 4

The next night at Tess’ house was wonderful. Tess’ dad ordered in pizza and they all had Mary’s mum’s chocolate cake for dessert. It was like a birthday party. Mary had never heard Tess laugh so much before and even her father seemed to enjoy himself. He let them stay up late to watch a video and even made some popcorn for them to eat in the microwave.

When they were finally tucked up in bed with the night light on the conversation turned to school.

“Freddie Pilbury’s mean” said Tess “He pulled my hair yesterday and called me a ‘ranga’. I didn’t know what he meant, but someone told me that it’s because I have red hair like an orangutan. I don’t like him.”

“Don’t worry” said Mary. It’s just because you’re new. He’s always a bully to the new kids. He’ll soon get tired of it and find someone else.”

There was a little tinkling sound and Thimble appeared at the head of Tess’ bed.

“Don’t worry Tess” she said. All the fairies have seen how he treats the other children and we have decided to give him a taste of his own medicine.

The girls sat up at once and Tess clapped her hands with excitement.

“What are you going to do?” she asked.

“Well” the fairy said, “You know the way he likes to hide glasses, pull hair and push the little boys’ head down the toilet? On Monday he will find out what it feels like to be small and frightened. Thistle and I will make him sorry for his behaviour in front of all the other children.”

Despite the girls’ pleas Thimble would not reveal the details of her plans, but when she left to join the other fairies at a fairy function they lay in bed trying to imagine what would happen until their eyelids became heavy and they fell asleep.

When they awoke the next morning the fairy’s visit seemed like a dream. Their lives had changed so much since they first saw the fairies it was hard to know what was real and what wasn’t. Memories of talking cats, fairy parties and flying now seemed all jumbled up with their memories of life before the fairies appeared. Still, when they went to sleep that night it was with a certain sense of anticipation. Would Freddie Pilbury get his comeuppance at school tomorrow or would he continue his bullying ways?

Fairy – "Take the Fair Face of Woman"...
Fairy – “Take the Fair Face of Woman”, by Sophie Gengembre Anderson. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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