Eat Healthy Food on a Budget – Nutrition Tips by Natalie

This is a great video about staying healthy on a limited budget.  Natalie emphasises many ways people can save when shopping for food without compromising their health.

The points she brings up are:

1.  Save and use coupons.  This is a great way to get good products cheaper.  Looking on the back of my latest receipt I can see an offer for 10% off a pest inspection (termites a great problem here),  a saving on a train trip to Western Australia to see the wildflowers, 35% off an initial visit to a local dentist (including examinations, any Xrays, scaling, polishing and fluoride treatment, a free office clean, discounted pizzas and KFC (not healthy I know).  Also an ad for Shop A docket which has more than 2000 free deals every day.

2.  Patronise the local Farmers’ Market.  I have been doing this since one opened nearby, and have been able to purchase great organic meat, locally grown vegetables, honey etc which has helped the local farmers make more money by cutting out the middleman (in this country largely Coles or Woolworths supermarkets) who pay much less to the farmers to maximise their profits.

3.  Buy in bulk.  It is much cheaper to do this than to buy individually packaged items.  You are saving on packaging costs, and provided you will eat all the product there are massive savings to be made.  Items like rice and lentils are a good example of this.

4.   Try not to purchase pre-packaged food.  This is really good advice, as you will always pay more for something which has had more energy and handling as well as advertising cost applied.  A prepackaged salad for example is much more expensive than buying the individual fresh  ingredients and you are helping the planet by not having loads of packaging to dispose of as well.

5.   Eat food which is in season.  I always try to do this, as it is usually local, fresh and much cheaper than something that has either been grown out of season here using special methods, or imported from overseas.

6.  Plan menus in advance.  This is crucial advice as it stops the usual impulse buying that usually results in some food going off as it sits around too long in cupboards, or the urge to buy takeaway food as you don’t have the right ingredients for a meal handy.

7.   I would like to add one more money saving  idea.  Always check the price per pound or kilo.  Here many things are listed as per 100grams, and when you work out the kilo cost they turn out to be exorbitant.  For example I saw some packaged mushrooms at the supermarket recently.  They were 500 grams for AU$8.00.  They were pre-sliced for convenience, but by working out that 1 kilo would be AU$16.00 compared to AU$11.00 at the local fruit and veggie shop, the difference in price was glaringly obvious!  If you just get into the habit of checking and converting prices from grams to kilos (or ounces to pounds) you will soon see what is expensive and what is not.

Happy shopping!

Go Local During National Farmers Market Week Through August 11th (


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