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Men will pause


I’ve never had children. I believe that’s my choice and my right.

Even in the 21st Century, there is often a peculiar reaction, mainly from people with children. If I respect their rights to add to the planet’s population, why can’t they respect my decision not to?

I expect the older generation not to understand, they don’t get why I’m not married either, I heard my father explain to some old dears at a ghastly family wedding that “She’s a career woman” as if by being a member of this freakish species, this explained everything. It wasn’t said with any degree of pride, either. (I think it was called blue-stocking in their day).

Younger people,too, especially those who are particularly proud of their ability to reproduce, have questioned me as if I have “missed out”, due to some tragic circumstance. “Haven’t you ever wanted to have children?” “Didn’t you find…

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