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A Portrait of the Bully

by Barbara Baptiste


            A bully is a person who is cruel or threatening to another, usually to a smaller or weaker person. The practice of bullying is characterized by an imbalance of wielded power.  There are three main forms which the ugly practice of bullying can take:  Emotional, verbal, and physical—individually or collectively.  There are bullies found in all walks of life and at all ages, but it is very common among school-age children and college students.   The unfair, derisive tactics are never done in the open because the underlying intent is for manipulation, coercion, and power.  Just the word bully invokes a negative connotation.

Too often, bullying is viewed with the age old sticks-and-stones mentality that was not true then, and certainly does not hold true in today’s world.  While policies and preventive methods can be in place, it is of utmost…

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