The Night is Dark

When sun has gone and warmth has left the earth

And night calls up the moon to light our way

I sit and feel the stillness in the air

After the madness of my busy day

And still my veins are burning hot as fire

Although you’ve gone and left me with my grief

And yet I feel the remnants of desire

That lovely and still unforgiving thief

The night is dark as velvet overhead

The air is thick with sorrow and regret

And still I sit and shun my lonely bed

And ponder on the things I should forget

The love I had, and lost, and left behind

The joys of family, friends now far away

The memories that flitter through my mind

Will haunt me now until the break of day

Kate Whiteoak    c.  2012

An interesting image of the night sky with a l...
An interesting image of the night sky with a lone sun cutting through the clouds. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I wrote this poem today.  I started out with the phrase “The night is dark” in my head, and sat and waited for some inspiration to come from there.   It did not take long before an idea came to me and this poem evolved.  I would appreciate any feedback or comments.





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