Lovely post on Julia Child with mouthwatering recipes.

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My Family Table

As mentioned here, August 15, 2012 would have been Julia Child’s 100th birthday.  I’ve mentioned this before, my grandparents were friendly with the Childs.  They bought wine from my grandfather in his store and my grandmother and Julia knew each other through a few gourmet cooking groups.

One of my prize possessions is framed and hanging in my kitchen.  It’s a letter written to my grandmother a few months before her death.  My grandfather had reached out to Julia to let her know that Grandma was sick so she wrote to her in response.

It’s a bit hard to read so I’ll re-type it here:  “Dear Grace, Just a little note to wish you well.  Myron tells me that you have been having a mean rotten time.  No fun!  Things have been going well with me, thank heaven, and we’ve a new television series on Public TV starting in…

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    1. She must have been an amazing person. We have a similar cooking icon here in Australia called Margaret Fulton. She is now in her 80s and still going strong. She even appeared on Australia’s Masterchef recently. I and probably most of my generation own at least one of her cookbooks. I think I will post some of her recipes here. That generation of women cooks (not called chefs then) are amazing.

      1. You are correct these woman were who we looked upon to teach us I was given my Grandmother’s cook book she wrote by hand I will copy this book 3 times and give one to each of my three brothers for their wives to make Nan’s meals for them like the old days 🙂 I can’t wait to see some you will post! I have friends who are in NZ wonder if they watched your Margaret on their TV’s

        Betty Crocker was our other Cooking Bible oh and the Galloping Gourmet 🙂

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