Gilbert on Railway Sleeper 2


More photos of Gilbert, some in reverse position.

Nearly falling off after rolling ecstatically
Propping himself up.

Reverse pose.


4 thoughts on “Gilbert on Railway Sleeper 2”

  1. Hello there,
    My name is Sarah and I would like to say what a wonderful job you have done with Gilbert. I was Gilbert’s first owner and by chance I stumbled across your blog on google. I have always wondered and wished he went to a loving home. I would love to chat more about how he is and maybe you would like to see 1 of the million pics I have of him from kitten to when you adopted him?

    1. Hi Sarah,

      How wonderful to get in contact with you. I have always wondered about his previous owner and wished I knew more about his past. Did you have another cat as well, a female, as he apparently had a partner? I would love to see any pictures of him from a kitten and would love to know his history. We certainly love him as he is a replacement for our old cat Freud, who died at the age of 19 some months before we got Gilbert.


      1. Hi Kate,
        Yes I did have another cat named Ella she was alot older than Gilbert, I wouldn’t so much call her his partner as he did not like her being in his home one little bit. I read the post of what you brought him home with and seen the pic of his pooh bear lounge I was the one that spoiled him rotten although he loved my mum more than anyone else. She still talks of Gilbert now. Did you have an email address I could send pics and chat more? How is Gilly? How much does he weight now a days? We had him since he weighed about 1kg and had to put him up for adoption when he was about 7.5kg, we always loved him he never wanted for anything the only reason we had to give him away was because we rent and couldn’t find a house for my disabled mum and one that excepted pets it was the hardest decision we ever made. But I can see now that he is loved just as much with you and your partner :-).

      2. Hi Sarah,

        Yes I remember the other cat was called Ella and was a pretty grey female. I always felt bad that I couldn’t take her as well, but thought that two indoor cats would be too much so I’m glad that they didn’t have a close friendship. He weighs about 7kgs now and we take him outside into the front yard for supervised outdoor visits. We live on a very busy road and I wouldn’t want anything to happen to him. I knew someone must have loved him very much because of all his toys and his Pooh Bear chair. I’m so sorry you had to give him up, but can understand how hard it is when renting.

        I would love it if you could send me some of the photos of him when he was little and some of his history and I will put it on my blog. My email address is:



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