Great post about history of women writers.  It is interesting that even recently women have to disguise their sex in order to have their work taken seriously.

Lantern Post

Women write when their children sleep safely tucked in beds and kissed good night. Once meals are cooked and dishes put away. When husbands are at work or play. While waiting at the doctors’ rooms. At the beauty parlours. After laundry has been done. During the lunch breaks at work. In recovery from labour. After kids leave home for college. Once divorce is over. When lovers’ leave. Recovering from menopause. In between shopping’s and family gatherings. After grandkids are dropped off. Once their minds are free and their thoughts belong to them only. Because all other serious stuff of living has been attended too.

This is if they have a room of their own. And an income. As mighty Virginia Woolf wrote in 1929. She lived in time when only boys went to school. Accordingly, as her own father; Sir Leslie Stephen, did not believe in investing in the education of his…

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