Bella Ferraro on Australia’s X Factor 2012 singing What Makes You Beautiful

Bella Ferraro doing a great job with her interpretation One Direction‘s song “What  Makes You Beautiful”.  Obviously Mel B was quite upset about Bella’s sarcastic Spice Girl comment and it comes across in her comments.  However, even with the song not being strictly a party song it is still a great rendition.  Her styling reminds me a bit of Molly Ringwald in her old movies e.g. Pretty in Pink.

English: Spice Girls performing their final co...
English: Spice Girls performing their final concert in Toronto, Ontario on February 26th, 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Moonwalking Manakin Bird – taken from QI

This is the amazing mating ritual of the Red-capped Manakin Bird, which closely resembles Michael Jackson’s famous moonwalk.  I saw it on QI last night on TV and just had to post it.  It’s such a colourful little bird as well and apparently also attracts females by vibrating its wings, much like cicadas do here in Australia.  Enjoy!

Beautiful photos and great flowing, historical and current description. Almost makes you feel that you are part of the scene.

That's How The Light Gets In

The weather map in the morning paper said it all: one oval isobar, a lazy ridge of high pressure lapping at the shores of the British Isles. Nothing like it for the whole of this damp, drab summer. Early on, with the dog in the park, there had been frost, now the sky was an expanse of blue, transmitting from beyond the city, as Robert Macfarlane put it in The Wild Places, ‘a longing for surfaces other than glass, brick, concrete and tarmac’.

In my mind I saw an upland ridge, expansive views across peaceful vales to mountains and the sea: and so we headed out of Liverpool, thirty miles to the Clwydian hills, and one and a half millenia back in time to Offa’s Dyke.

We followed fast roads down through the Wirral, across the ruthlessly canalised river Dee at Queensferry, via Mold through the villages that hug the…

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Toyota on Steroids

Here are some pictures of a hugely modified friend’s Toyota .   It is affectionately known as Bluey, but I think it should be called The Beast.  I thought I would put it here for all the car enthusiasts, or Rev Heads as we call them here in Oz.

Side View
Wheel on steroids
Front angled view. On left is snorkel to stop water being sucked into engine if in water.
Left front side view.
Left rear view.
Suspension and exhaust
LED lights
Left back wheel with LED brake and blinker lights and mudguard
Left side view from back.