Cat Stevens singing Peace Train

One of my all time favourite singers.  Back in the 70s his songs summed up the mood i.e. ” Make love, not war“.  People were against the Vietnam War and it was the hippie era of tofu and brown rice.  This song became a bit of a call to arms (pun intended) for all those against sending young men off to fight a war in a faraway foreign land.  I was one of those protesters who joined the anti-war marches as I had lost my brother and seen too many US and Australian soldiers damaged mentally forever by what they had seen and done.  It was the time that produced great classic movies such as Francis Ford Coppola‘s  unforgettable ‘Apocalypse Now’.  The line: “I love the smell of napalm in the morning” is forever embedded in my brain.

Original caption: "Flying under radar con...
Original caption: “Flying under radar control with a B-66 Destroyer, Air Force F-105 Thunderchief pilots bomb a military target through low clouds over the southern panhandle of North Viet Nam. June 14, 1966.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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