Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens in Spring

Last Thursday I went into the city to meet a friend at Circular Quay.  I have many photos which I took there and will put them on my blog later.  We had lunch in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens which adjoins the Sydney Opera House on the harbour and is one of my all time favourite spots.  I used to go there with my father many years ago and have enjoyed many picnics with my friends and family.  It was looking particularly beautiful in spite of the grey day, as there were many spring  flowers out, and the sweet scent of wisteria filled the air.  Hope you enjoy these.  I really appreciate being able to take a train from my home in the suburbs to Circular Quay, where I can take a ferry to Manly, Taronga Zoo or numerous other places, or just hang out with all the tourists and buskers at the Quay.  It’s only a short walk to the Opera House and the Botanic Gardens, and you are in a haven of peace and tranquillity in the heart of the busy, bustling city.

The entrance to the Botanic Gardens via the Opera House walkway with little train which takes visitors around.
Another view of the entrance from a makeshift walkway near the Opera House.
Huge and magnificent Norfolk Pine not far from Gardens entrance.
Another view of Botanic Gardens with some native plantings.
Beautiful flower garden with old wisteria in foreground. Looks like Japanese or Chinese influence.
One of the many magnificent old Moreton Bay fig trees. These are much loved by fruit bats, which have become a problem in the Gardens over the years as their colony is so big they have destroyed several trees.
Another lovely tree near the Macquarie Street entrance. Part of the Rose Gardens is visible in the foreground where some friends of mine were married many years ago.
Sandstone gazebo near Macquarie Street entrance. Note contrast between modern buildings and green serenity and old buildings of the Gardens.

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