Circular Quay & Opera House

Some more photos of Circular Quay, the Museum of Contemporary Art and Sydney Opera House.

Old pier at Circular Quay Wharf where ferries come in.
More old piers with glinting water at Circular Quay.
Museum of Contemporary Art
Banner for Biennale Art Festival at Museum of Contemporary Art
Entrance to new addition to Museum of Contemporary Art
Whale Watching boat at Quay. Harbour Bridge in background.
Back of Whale Watching boat going out to Heads.
Sydney Opera House seen from Circular Quay. Rivercat in foreground.
Another view of Opera House.
Opera House again.

2 thoughts on “Circular Quay & Opera House”

  1. Hi. You have a great blog with terrific photography. Looks like you are having a pretty exciting time on your travels. We had a Muslim protest here last weekend over that stupid anti-Muslim You Tube film. It even got pretty heated for a while, and extra police are going to be in the city this weekend in case any more violence occurs, especially after the French satirical magazine published more cartoons which have infuriated many more Muslims around the world.

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