Circular Quay & The Sydney Harbour Bridge

Here are the last of my photos of Circular Quay.

The Orient Hotel in the Rocks area as seen from Circular Quay. I used to go there many years ago as I was going out with a guy who played in a band there. Great old hotel and a part of Sydney’s early history.
Sydney Harbour Bridge wedged between whale watching boat and a ferry.
Harbour Bridge again. Iconic entrance to Luna Park just to left of ferry. You can climb to the top as part of a tourist experience. Apparently the view is magic.
Harbour Bridge from different angle.
Enclosed fig tree at Qircular Quay opposite MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art.
Seagulls near MCA at Circular Quay. They are so bold that they will swoop down and steal food out of your hand if you’re not careful. I lost a piece of fish that way once and am now hypervigilant!

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