Lovely post about the importance of noticing the little things around you and not focusing on material or conditional things for happiness.



Do you always give condition for your happiness?

You’ll be HAPPY when

1. You get a new car

2. You get a promotion

3. You get a baby

4. You get a new house

5. You get a new luxury handbag

6. You get a luxury watches

7. A luxury vacation

8.Graduation of your children

9. Bank statement, USD$ 1 million or billion

10. Other external reasons with condition and achievement.

How do you feel when you achieve it?

How long can you sustain your happiness?

You’ll continue to set another goal in your life in order to enjoy happiness?

Why are we put a link between Happiness and condition?

Have you ever feel like you are happy and joy without any condition?

Are you walking too fast? Talking too fast? Eating too fast?Working too hard?

Do you ever focus on the tiny stuffs in your life which can…

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