Gilbert on Lounge on Verandah & Monza the Dog

Here are a few photos of Gilbert on the lounge on the enclosed front verandah.  I picked up the lounge (literally) years ago in front of someone’s house.  It had been put up for the biannual Council clean up, and has certainly been well used since.  I even had someone offer to buy it when I had a garage sale some time ago!  Another example of useful recycling.

Recently I was contacted by Gilbert’s previous owner who had come across his photos by chance on my blog.  We have been in contact since, and hopefully I will be able to post some of her old photos of him when he was a kitten here if she can send them to me.  She was unable to keep him due to issues beyond her control, but was really happy to see he had gone to a good home.  It is amazing what can happen when you post something on the Internet!

Reclining Gilbert
In the middle of cleaning himself.
Cleaning head
Licking paw in preparation for personal spring cleaning.
Monza giving me his full attention. He looks like he’s trying to hypnotize me.
Monza losing concentration.

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