Thought provoking article about the importance of protecting wolves.


I wrote a post awhile ago called Everything’s a Circle. The thing that makes me saddest is when human beings as a whole don’t learn from the past and we just come round to where we were years ago, showing very little new knowledge.

Stated another way: My heart hurts when we fail to take our responsibilities seriously and that failure results in the destruction of life. Humans can be seen as masters of the planet, sure. But we must also be the caretakers.

Wolves have been important to me since high school, when I chose to write a report on their reintroduction to Yellowstone. As with bats, I loved this misunderstood species as soon as I began learning about them. In fact, they play a role in my novel. They are amazing creatures.

Instead of trying to summarize a Chicago Tribune editorial printed yesterday, I’m going to…

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