Great post on the mystery of happiness.

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I read somewhere that everyone has a cut-off gauge for happiness — a kind of setpoint.

No matter if something WONDERFUL happens — you hit the lotto, you get your dream job, you lose those pesky 10-20 pounds, have a mind-blowing love fest, meet someone for the first time that you like, get over something painful, etc., etc. But once you experience that PA-POW of happiness, your intrinsic, intangible thing that’s stamped into your own unique DNA will put you back where you are on the continuum of “happiness.”  And that’s that until the next big PA-POW happens.

Sigh.  I think there’s some truth to that.  According to an article in U.S. News, the reason why some appear happier than others has to do with genetics — allegedly 50% of our happiness is responsible for this.  Life circumstances have to do with 10% percent of that — you may be…

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