Chernobyl post nuclear disaster

Great article and photography of Chernobyl post nuclear disaster.

Abandoned Kansai

After half a day of sightseeing in Kiev (most of it while rain was pouring) my second day in Ukraine started the main event: The trip to the Zone Of Alienation.
Meeting point was a hotel in the city center and my contact person was easy to find since a rather large group of about 25 people gathered on that sunny Saturday morning. Luckily I didn’t have to join the day trippers since I booked a 2 day tour, joining two guys from Switzerland, Sebi and Michi. If you do the day tour for about 160 US-$ you get the standard program: Transport by bus to Chernobyl, quick introduction about the history of the place and a lection about how to behave in the zone and then the well-known locations Sarcophacus, Amusement Park, Swimming Pool – maybe one or two more, like the Palace Of Culture or a School; always…

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