Some Photos of Coogee Beach, Bali Bombing Memorial & Sculptures by the Sea

Last Monday I went for a walk with a walking group I haven’t been with since last year.  Since my hip replacement I have a new lease of life, and thought it was time to rejoin them.  Their oldest member is now nearly 96, but unfortunately had a fall this year and so doesn’t attend any more, but there are quite a few in their 80s who are still very active and turn up to most walks.  They really inspire me, and although some of them have had had difficult lives, have long ago lost their soulmates (some to dementia) and/or have had major health problems, they continue to enjoy the simple pleasures of life with an enthusiasm which moves and inspires me.  Our older generation comes from strong and resiliant stock and I hope I will be able to match their joyful and enduring natures in the future.

The weather was amazing – four seasons in one day.  It started off fine, then we had some rain, followed by gale force winds.  The wind was so strong that my hat blew off, and the temperature was more like winter than spring!   The sea was roiling and angry and no-one was foolish enough to venture in.  It looked magnificent though with big waves crashing onto the shoreline and white horses (choppy crests of waves) dotting the distant sea.  The walk was from Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach along the foreshores past Bronte and Tamarama beaches.  We had lunch in a lovely park by the sea at Bronte with a million dollar view of the ocean, and then walked to Bondi via Tamarama where the 2012 Sculptures by the Sea began.  It is the first time I had been to the sculptures, and it was amazing.  They were perched in many recesses of the cliff walls, as well as on top of cliffs and on rocks right out  near the ocean.  Some were beautiful, some quirky, some inexplicable, but to enjoy both the beautiful environment and the works of art for free in one hit was wonderful.  The cost of my transport which included a return train journey and 2 buses was only AU$2.50 with a Seniors pass, we all took a packed lunch and enjoyed a cup of coffee together after the walk.  The total cost of my excursion was only AU$6.00, including coffee making it a doubly great day.

As we reached the top of the headland at Coogee Beach we stopped to look at the Bali Memorial, commemorating  the 88 Australians who lost their lives in the horrific Bali bombings on 12 October, 2012.

It was a moving experience and made me appreciate my freedom to enjoy my life and surroundings free from fear.

I took lots of photos of the sculptures along the way, and will post more of them later.

Coogee Beach
Coogee Beach seen from higher up the headland.
A lovely little cove along from Coogee.
Part of the Bali Memorial and flowers from recent 10 year commemoration service.
The lovely Bali Memorial sculpture looking out to sea.
Waverley Cemetery along edge of walk. One of the oldest cemeteries in Sydney with a view to die for (pardon the pun). Some famous Australians are buried here.
Another view of the Waverley Cemetery with some of the older graves.
My first view of the Tamarama Beach sculptures from the walkway.
A close-up of one of the Tamarama sculptures.
Looking down at Sumo sculpture on Tamarama Beach from walkway.
One of the sculptures at Tamarama

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