Sculptures by the Sea 2012 part 3.

These are some more photos of the Sculptures by the Sea 2012 exhibition at Bondi and Tamarama.  I love the way they blend with the natural background of rock, sand and sea.  They looked so much better in a natural environment than they would have in a building.  Enjoy!

Most of wooden climbing man. He was almost hidden against the rock as he blended in so well.
Legs of climbing wooden man.
Giant red chilli with 3 paper boats in background.
Close up of paper boats.

I love this construction made out of rusty wire. It looked magnificent against the backdrop of the raging sea.
This sculpture was made out of white plastic knives and forks. It was hidden away in a little crevice and looked to me like seaweed or sea foam. Beautiful!
Another view. It looks like it is actually flowing.
Another photo of the forest of bamboo windchimes taken from the descent down the hill towards Bondi Beach.

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