Some Aussie Slang from Dagree’s Great Aussie Slang Website

Here are a few commonly used Aussie terms.  Some are more familiar to country people or the older generation.  If you are easily offended, please don’t read on.

Have a go, ya mug!!
act the goat
to behave foolishly.
after dark
shark (rhyming slang).
wide brimmed felt hat used for protection from sun and weather.
Albany Doctor
refreshing afternoon sea breeze in southern Western Australia.
alone like a country dunny ( a dunny is an outdoor toilet)
alone; lonely; abandoned.
all behind in Melbourne
pertaining to a large posterior (Western Australian expression).
all froth and no beer
superficial; silly.
all laired up
dressed in your best clothes; flashily dressed.
all over the place like a mad woman’s breakfast
in a state of chaos.
all piss and wind
boastful; full of shit.
all wool and a yard wide
authentic and totally trustworthy.
alley up
to pay back a debt.
a horse.
amber fluid
amen snorter
ankle – biter
toddler; small child.
Apple Isle
ok; all right (eg: she’ll be apples).
argue the toss
to dispute a decision.
around the twist
arse around
to fool around.
arse off
to depart; to leave.
arsed out
dismissed; fired from current job.
arse – licker
sycophant; yes-man (also called a boot – licker)
arse – up
to make a mess of things; to fall over.
despicable person (eg: He’s a real arsehole).
an exclamation meaning “nonsense”.
as long as your arse points to the ground
as much chance as pushing shit up hill
not a chance at all.
Aussie battler
an ordinary Australian trying to make ends meet.
Aussie salute
the flapping away of ever – persistent flies from one’s face.
Australian as meat pie
typically or authentically Australian.
autumn leaf
a jockey who continually falls off.
‘ave a go, ya mug!!!
cricket fans’ cry to a slow batsman (also used in other sports).
away with the pixies/birdies
day dreaming; intoxicated; in another world.
axle grease



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