Guy Sebastian singing his new song Get Along

I love this song and think its one of the best things Guy Sebastian has ever done.  The sentiments and music are so beautiful and the images so poignant that I have been moved to tears.  If I could wish for one thing at Christmas it would be that there would be no more fighting and suffering in the world and we could all get along regardless of our beliefs or backgrounds.


Capuchin Monkeys Reject Unequal Pay

This goes to show that even monkeys can understand when they are being underpaid and undervalued.  Who was it who said that if you pay someone  peanuts, you get monkeys?  These monkeys might prefer grapes!


Beetle Evolution

Fabulous post about beetles using evolution to adapt to their environment and maximize their survival written in the style of Rudyard Kipling‘s ‘Just So Stories’.

Why Evolution Is True

By Rudyard Kipling*

Hear, attend and listen, O my Best Beloved, for this story ­– a Most New and Most Wonderful Story – tells of the most magnificent power of Natural Selection.

Long ago, in the High and Far-off Times, the Beetle lived near the Nest of the Termites, in the shadow of the Camphor-Tree. This was not a happy arrangement, as the Termites, O Best Beloved, with their High Falutin’ ways and most strong Sense of Entitlement even though they are nothing more than clever cockroaches, are the most biteful and fractious of creatures, happy to snip and snap at any passing Beetle, or indeed any animal that crosses their path.

But although the Termites would snip and snap at the Beetle whenever they could, he would not move his home from near their nest under the Camphor-Tree, for from the nest floated the most glorious scents, the smell…

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Jason Owen singing Lonely Boy in the Grand Final of Australia’s X Factor 2012

I loved Jason’s performance of this song.  So much enthusiasm and a great voice.  I don’t know if he will win, but he should have a great future.  He’s improved about 200% since being on the show, and can feel justifiably he has done his home town of Albert (population 12 people!) proud.  He looks like he’s channelling Elvis in this.