Last Sculptures by the Sea 2012 photos, Bondi Beach & Bondi Icebergs

These are the last of my Sculptures by the Sea 2012 photos.  I also have a few of beautiful Bondi Beach and Bondi Lifesaving Club with the famous Bondi Icebergs pool.  Members swim in all weather, summer and winter.  Sorry about the quality of some of the sculptures.  The wind was blowing fiercely and some are off centre.

Strange cat and dog grouping.
Sorry that this is off centre.
Kangaroo sculpture minus his head.
GhostNet Crocodile made from fishing nets which break away from trawlers. This was voted the Children’s Favourite.
Another view of GhostNet Crocodile
Famous Bondi Icebergs pool with swimmers .
Another view of pool with raging sea and Bondi Beach in background.

Waves spilling into pool.
View of Bondi Beach and waves.
A pristine view of Bondi Beach. It was too windy and the sea was too rough for swimming

Statue of famous Bondi Lifesavers outside the Club.