Great post about depression and the importance of taking mental health seriously.

Men will pause

I’m no fan of Ed Miliband , but I’m grateful for his speech  saying that mental health is a topic that should be discussed out in the open. He reports that the delightful Jeremy Clarkson refers to people who commit suicide on transport systems as “Johnny Suicides” and Janet Street-Porter claims that depression is the “new fashion accessory”. 

Bear with me and switch around a couple of words in the above statements.  Imagine Jeremy Clarkson calling people who get cancer “Cancer Johnnies” and moaning about the inconvenience it causes him. Then think about Street-Porter saying “Cancer is the new fashion accessory”.

How do you feel?  Disgusted?

All of us know someone who has or is affected by cancer. One in three of us will get it in some shape or form.

It’s not a joke.

Mental illness is no joke either. All of us will have someone in our family…

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