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The High Heel Gourmet

Northern Thai Curry Noodles - Khao Soi by The High Heel Gourmet 17

I want to give you another recipe right before holidays, during which I will be diving the Great Barrier Reef! This is another curry dish, the northern Thai-style wheat noodles with curry broth in coconut milk called Khao Soi. (Khao or Kao=rice, Soi or Soy=cut thinly, sometimes referred to julienne)

Naturally, I can’t resist my own urge to give you the history of the dish, so skip the next few paragraphs if you are not interested. Let’s start from the egg noodles that originated the name “Khao Soi”. This is a specific noodle that contains wheat flour, eggs, salt and water but no alkaline agent, so the result is a softer noodle. The dough is pressed into sheets and then hand-cut into thin strips.

I have been told from an old lady, the owner of a famous Khao Soi joint in Chiang Mai, Thailand, that this way of cutting noodles from…

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