Girls in Our Town – Sung by Margret RoadKnight

This was a great song  which came out in 1975 and was sung by Margret Roadnight.  It became a great hit at the time and I really associate it with my youth, growing up in a country town in New South Wales.  I remember seeing her perform this song in Sydney in the 70s at a great folk and blues underground cafe called “Soup Plus”,  where they sold great dishes like cold mango soup and musicians performed on a tiny stage right near the people eating.  I love the lyrics – they are so poignant and true.

Girls In Our Town by Margret RoadKnight

Girls in our town, they just haven’t a care
You see them on Saturday floating on air
Painting their toenails and washing their hair
Maybe tonight it’ll happen

Girls in our town they leave school at fifteen
Work at the counter or behind the machine
And spend all their money on making the scene
They plan on going to England

Girls in our town go to parties in pairs
Sit ’round the barbecue, give themselves aires
Then they go to the bathroom with their girlfriend who cares

Girls in our town are so lonely

Girls in our town are too good for the pill
But if you keep asking they probably will
Sometimes they like you or else for the thrill
And explain it away in the morning

Girls in our town get no help from their men
No one can let them be sixteen again
Things might get better but it’s hard to say when
If they only had someone to talk to

Girls in our town can be saucy and bold
At seventeen, no one is better to hold
Then they start havin’ kids, start gettin’ old
Girls in our town…
Girls in our town


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