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My name is Kate and I live in Sydney, Australia. My interests are bushwalking, Tai Chi, auctions, op-shopping, the environment, writing, saving money, music, movies, friends and family and Gilbert our cat (not necessarily in that order). My blog will feature a selection of these interests with some humour thrown in.

Gilbert the cat’s favourite new spot

These are some photos of Gilbert my Maine Coon cat on my shoulder when I am at the computer.  It’s his new favourite snoozing spot.


Photos taken at Eden Killer Whale Museum on NSW South Coast


Skull of Old Tom, famous leader of a pack of killer whales who helped whalers in Eden harpoon other whale species such as the baleen whales.  This is the only recorded instance in history.  His teeth on the lower left jaw are worn down from grabbing the whalers’ ropes.  His skeleton is in the Eden Killer Whale Museum.  The whalers gave the killer whales the tongue of the harpooned whales as a reward.




Humpback whale’s lower jawbones
Old whaling boat


Australia is now an anti-whaling nation, and Eden was named the world’s number one place to watch humpback whales migrating by National Geographic in 2014.


Inside of old whaling boat from early days of whaling in Eden

Lovely old tourist poster of T.S.S. Merimbula


Another early whaling boat.


View from Eden Killer Whale Museum Lighthouse


The sun valve used in lighthouses from 1900s – 1960s.  It earned its inventor Gustaf Dalen the 1912  Nobel Prize in physics.  This one was in the museum.

Photos taken on a recent trip to the Sapphire Coast, NSW

Here are some of the photos I took on a recent bus trip to the Sapphire Coast in New South Wales with some Probus friends.  We stayed in beautiful Eden and visited Tilba Tilba, Mallacoota, Merimbula, Narooma, Bega Cheese Factory and ate and drank far too much.  The area we visited on the South Coast of New South Wales (known as the Sapphire Coast) is really beautiful, and on a day trip on the water at Eden we saw a dolphins, a seal and a fairy penguin.  We also visited a winery in Central Tilba.  These photos are from Central Tilba, a lovely little heritage listed historic village with a small, (approximately 100) and very artistic population.  Hope you enjoy these memories.



This old bed and breakfast in the historic, heritage listed village of Tilba is for sale.
Another of the historic and quaint shops of Tilba.
A glimpse of the views from Tilba.  The country is green with rolling hills and volcanic mountains.
One of our group on the retro lounge in the old lolly shop at Tilba.
A plea on the local community hall in Tilba.
Tilba winery1
Another view of the winery.
Tilba winery
Small winery in mountains of Tilba Tilba where we had a delicious ploughman’s lunch with local wine.



Some random photos from my garden

New growth on giant cactus in pot.
Chillies growing in pot.
Rosemary growing over the front fence.
Native groundcover with small purple flowers.
Pentas in flower.
Cannas and Chinese Jade with old tub with rosemary in back.
Potted agave in backyard next to compost bin.
Old man’s beard growing on old tree fern.
Old mans beard with tiny flowers and herringbone ferns.
Pink geranium hanging over pot.
Another geranium in the same pot.

Society Online Has Its Villages Too

Great site.

The Neighborhood

There exist a Society Online that remains undiscovered, yet are doing things that may contribute to a more civil, peaceful society, through beauty, art, activism or sure presence of self. Season V sets off on a journey of knowledge & discover to make contact with other neighborhoods like ours. .

“It takes a village to raise a child.” – Igbo and Yoruba (Nigeria) Proverb

As we approach Opening Day of The Neighborhood’s 5th Season, the only limitations, even the most original and imaginative collaborative of artists cannot conquer, is its value in the minds of its supporters, fans, friends, family and the performers, that have benefited from its stage.

(name, city & The Neighborhood show/post)
Shrestha Bibash, Kathmandu Nepal, Mark Safe: Eyes on Nepal & Young Black  Men
Marla Davis, Denver Colorado, The Lives We Live,  A Star is Born
John Akers, Los Angeles California, A Star is Born


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