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Photos taken on a recent trip to the Nan Tien Buddhist Temple at Berkeley near Wollongong

These are some photos I took last Sunday at the Nan Tien Buddhist Temple.  I went there by train and bus with a group of friends for the day.  It was built in 1992 and has expanded since then to encompass an institute, retreat and university courses involving Buddhism and health and well being,as well as cooking, calligraphy and other activities.

It is the largest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere and sits in the midst of beautiful, tranquil grounds with manicured trees and hedges and a beautiful lotus pond and pagoda.

Buddhist temple1

Buddhist temple

Close-up of giant lotus leaves on pond.
Close-up of giant lotus leaves on pond.

Buddhist temple4

Buddhist temple2

Buddhist temple7

Buddhist temple10

Buddhist temple9

Buddhist temple6

Entrance to temple.
Entrance to temple.

Buddhist temple12