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Vertical Farming in Singapore – Sky Greens

This is amazing.    What a great idea and hopefully a terrific hope for sustainable farming in the future around the world.


precious water…

Post on the importance of water to life.


Have you ever felt how blessed you are when you turned on your tap water?

Some of us might not realize that water has always been the important and life sustainable drink for all beings.

“No water, no life.”

Do you know how many percentage of fresh water  which we can drink in this world? only 2.5%-2.75%.

In the names of DEVELOPMENT, we as a human have contributed heavily to the pollution of water.

Fresh and unpolluted water accounts for 0.003% of total water available globally.

Do you aware that 900 million people in this world are suffering from water crisis?

Today, I joined the “Aveda Walk for clear water 2013.”

The walk for 2.5 km symbolize a walking distance a person need to get a pail of water.

We took more than half an hour for the walk without carrying any pail of water, it might be longer if…

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Gilbert on Lounge on Verandah & Monza the Dog

Here are a few photos of Gilbert on the lounge on the enclosed front verandah.  I picked up the lounge (literally) years ago in front of someone’s house.  It had been put up for the biannual Council clean up, and has certainly been well used since.  I even had someone offer to buy it when I had a garage sale some time ago!  Another example of useful recycling.

Recently I was contacted by Gilbert’s previous owner who had come across his photos by chance on my blog.  We have been in contact since, and hopefully I will be able to post some of her old photos of him when he was a kitten here if she can send them to me.  She was unable to keep him due to issues beyond her control, but was really happy to see he had gone to a good home.  It is amazing what can happen when you post something on the Internet!

Reclining Gilbert
In the middle of cleaning himself.
Cleaning head
Licking paw in preparation for personal spring cleaning.
Monza giving me his full attention. He looks like he’s trying to hypnotize me.
Monza losing concentration.

See what can be achieved. I know it must have cost a lot of money to set this up, but think of the incalculable benefits.

Renewable Energy Online

With its most eye-catching feature a spectacular garden of massive artificial sunflowers that provide movable shade during the day, the new, sustainable city center for Masdar, United Arab Emirate (UAE) is a stunning model for future urban growth.

The winning design entry was submitted by the Laboratory for Visionary Architecture and features enormous movable sunflower umbrellas to regulate daytime and nighttime temperatures and reducing the cooling needs of sheltered building, a rainwater capture system capable of hold a fifty-year supply of water, and hydroponic gardens watered with grey water from the city’s buildings. Construction set to be completed over seven phases by 2016.

Full story at  WebEcoist.

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